Uplifting Consumer Engagement Where it Counts

It's always a great idea, as a brand, to utilise experiential marketing when you want to create a meaningful experience for your consumers. What does a 'meaningful experience' actually entail? For us, it means designing, creating and building something that consumers will be drawn to, engage with and remember after leaving. Sometimes this means something big, dramatic and exciting. 

When it comes to builds – we love big and exciting, as do consumers. But, as always, there are elements to consider when you pull out the big guns for your engagement piece. Aside from obvious considerations like cost and logistics, it's always important to give some attention to the most important part of your entire campaign – the message. 

The Brief

We were asked to take a look at the interior build for the Road Safety Authority Ireland for both the Tullamore Show and the National Ploughing Championships. Their build last year was a roaring success as far as we could see from crowd numbers and general feedback. So why did they need to reinvent the wheel?

The Problem

RSA had invested in some incredibly impressive and exciting pieces of equipment; one is a giant interactive shuttle (think a free, educational games arcade) and the other is a Roll-Over Simulator in which attendees are given the chance to experience first-hand what it's like to be flipped 360 degrees in a car. Impressive, right?

The somewhat luminous presence of these features meant, however, that attendees were merely skipping the interior marquee – this was the area that educated guests on various departments within the RSA and most of their trained staff were delegated roles here. 

Ultimately, the messages were being missed. 

How do you ensure you are still educating consumers when they are busy enjoying your event? 

The Solution

Control your Footfall: 

image008 (1).png

Encourage your consumers to enter where you want them. Implement a one-way system and design walls and elements in a way to draw consumers along the route you want them to travel. 

Front Artwork v2.jpg

Create a narrative: 

This year, we came up with the concept of 'The Road to Safety'. The idea behind this was that attendees would enter the tent (where we wanted them to) and by the end of their 'journey', they would be educated on various RSA key messages, and therefore, 'safer'. 

Your narrative doesn't necessarily have to reach consumers eyes, but if all incumbents are agreed on one story-line or theme, the results are cohesive and the objective remains the same. 





Give your consumers touch-points: 


We ensured consumers were stopping at various stands within the marquee by instructing them to 'look for clues' to receive an answer to a question. Once they had collected all four answers, their journey would be complete. 

A touch-point could be something as simple as putting brand-to-hand with a pre-agreed script, but these moments between consumer and brand mean you know your message is getting heard. 

Give them something to remember: 

Handout v4 CONCEPT 2 Amended.jpg

Once the quiz was complete, participants could show their document to a member of staff and receive a branded token such as an RSA high visibility jacket. The flip-side of the handout was filled with educational messaging and anyone who had completed a quiz was encouraged to take it home with them. 

Take-homes can be something as simple as a social tag, a leaflet, a product or even a temporary tattoo. Giving something physical to your consumers means your experience lives on for hours after they've left. 




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